Welcome! I’m Megan, an auditor with a mild cookbook buying addiction. The problem with this?  Until my family was locked in our house for 2.5 months I just looked at the books and we rotated the same 3-4 recipes every week while I blamed our oven for making everything too crispy.

What began as an idea where I imagined cooking my way through one of my favorite celebrity cookbooks, a la Julie and Julia, quickly turned into actually enjoying learning how to bake and spending more a month on butter than I care to admit. 

After about my 5th box of butter and nearly burning up a hand mixer I set the celebrity cookbooks aside, scoured the internet, and bought a 1,000+ page pastry textbook that is barely understandable to add to my collection.

As an auditor I spend my days making sure businesses are not cooking the books, only to come home and give it a try myself. So sit back, relax, and follow along as I learn to cook the books.