When my dad found out I was determined to learn how to bake, he immediately requested baklava. After two days of research I had to admit that I was not ready to make my own filo dough (maybe eventually but not yet).

My dad initially sent over a recipe from the Food Network that called for breadcrumbs, and while I don’t know much I knew that using breadcrumbs felt like sacrilege. So back to my laptop I went.

All the recipes I kept leaning towards used either walnuts or pistachios. I couldn’t chose just one though, and in the end I went with a recipe from Laura in the Kitchen and substituted pistachios in for half of the walnuts.

I’ve made this twice now and both times it came out perfectly. Save yourself some frustration and keep a wet towel over the extra filo dough while you’re working and disregard the amount of butter your slathering between each layer.

The cinnamon and citrus flavors make this dish, that’s why I chose this recipe. I plan on making this again for Christmas, or the next time a coworker declares baklava is better than birthday cake.

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