Pop Tarts Two Ways

Much like ten million other people I enjoy spending my free time watching Claire Saffitz make gourmet versions of snack/junk food.

In April Bon Appetit posted a pop tart recipe that was more manageable for home cooks, so I rolled up my sleeves, proceeded to dirty every bowl in our house, and had a 20 minute Claire style meltdown because my pastry dough was not cooperating. As someone who spent the month prior burning multiple batches of chocolate chip cookies, this recipe was not easy. It called for making your own sprinkles, jam, icing, and pastry, none of which I had done before.

After spending my entire Sunday I, the person who messed up the chocolate chip cookie recipe from the bag of chocolate chips, had 9 delicious gourmet strawberry pop tarts and it was worth every minute.

Fast forward a month and a half of experimenting in the kitchen to my five year old requesting we make her favorite, chocolate pop tarts. This time feeling a little more confident, I once again had to barter with my parents for a key ingredient, and then followed along with a recipe from Half Baked Harvest. Within 2 hours my husband and I were splitting one before the icing had fully set because they looked and smelled so delicious.

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